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Baby Care & Feeding Workshops

Not everyone feels that they need a full antenatal course, or maybe you are just looking for some extra newborn care education to expand on any birth preparation or parentcraft classes that you have already attended. 

Maybe you have struggled with feeding in the past and so would like to join my Infant feeding workshop.

Or maybe you want a refresher on how to care for a newborn as it's been a while since any of your previous babies were little if so my Newborn Calm & Care Workshop would be perfect.

My workshops can be attended alone, or as a couple.  You can even attend once baby is already here if you were looking for some support.

Where & When:

Birth to Baby classes are taught in my Nottinghamshire home.  Henson Close, Upper Saxondale, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Notts NG12 2JQ

Each 2.5 hour long workshop costs £45 per couple.

They are usually scheduled every other month.

Your investment includes the following benefits:

  • 2.5 hours of quality, easy to understand, interactive, feeding or Newborn care education.

  • Class whatsapp group to get to know your fellow participants better

  • Education links/background reading added to the whatsapp group

  • Access to wider community whatsapps for peer support and local sales pages

  • My 24x7 ongoing support

  • Light refreshments during your class

Newborn Calm & Care Workshop

Newborn - Bath a newborn baby - change a nappy - sooth a baby - baby sleep
So often we spend the 9 months of our pregnancy focused on the big life changing event that is birth.  Sometimes forgetting that before you know it, a tiny, new, helpless human will be placed into your arms and will need you to help them with everything as they slowly get used to life in the big wide world.
My newborn workshop will teach you everything that you need to keep baby clothed, bathed, changed, sleeping safely etc.
The 2.5 hour Newborn Calm & Care Workshop includes the following beneficial education:
  • How to care for your baby in the 4th trimester

  • Calming & Soothing Techniques 

  • Practical baby care including bathing/dressing & nappy changing - You will spend much of the class practicing these skills on dolls 

  • Understanding newborn sleep & safe sleeping 

  • Role of partner​


Infant Feeding Workshop

breastfeeding workshop, bottle feeding, formula, how often should newborn baby eat. Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding your baby may be natural but that doen't mean that it is easy.

In my many years of experience as a Breastfeeding supporter.  I have found that a good understanding of the mechanics of feeding, positioning, signs of a good latch and some nifty tricks to get a good attachment can make a huge difference to your feeding journey.  We also cover bottle feeding education so classes are suitable no matter how you plan to feed your little one.

​The 2.5 hour long Infant Feeding Workshop includes the following beneficial education:

  • The science behind breastfeeding

  • Understanding position & attachment

  • Expressing 

  • PACED feeding

  • Formula/Bottle feeding

  • How & when to sterilise equipment 

  • Role of partner

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“Thank you for your help with nursing and feeding my little one when I was experiencing pain with breast feeding and I was so nearly going to give up. 18 months in and we’re still feeding"
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